This part of the blog is my research, I have been on the web mostly looking at videos on bass soloists and important figures who pioneered different bass techniques.

Whilst looking through other videos on YouTube as well I came across a piece called flip flop by victor wooten which had inspired me to write song similar to that as well. What influenced me was the way chords were struck between playing a melody on the instrument alone and very high paced playing. So I started experimenting what I could do on my instrument and developed the frameworks to something I will perform and record. 

Before the start of the 2nd week I was able to practice a few things at home and watch some videos on solo bass playing; this video opened my mine up to how I want to portray the idea of playing the bass and the way it is shown to non bass players. The video features many prolific bassists one in particular was Nathan East. As East had played he explains how he likes to compete against guitar and saxophone in terms of melody, he incorporated harmony which really gave me insight on how to add expression to an instrument.

I’ve also have been analyzing Jaco Pastorious and the way he plays, I never understood the big deal about him but I’ve now realized it was his performances that really captivated people. His playing is really malleable and he can easily harmonize when chords are played but I feel like his improv skills are amazing the way he thinks outside the box has helped me see useful ways to achieve different sounds and how to convey my instrument with subtle expressions. One of his most famous tracks “Portrait of Tracy” every time he plays it the way he builds up into the main harmony slowly with tension

Watching this video showed me another way of playing, as I sift through loads of videos on youtube about other Bass players I have discovered some amazing people which has totally changed my mind on playing Bass, I now can see it in many ways. it has also helped me to see that you can use any instrument any way. This has made me think that it’s not all that bad and my set isn’t as weak as I thought. I know I can play like these guys. Not as great but like them.


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